Specializing In:

Change Management

Growth requires change… It can be uncomfortable while requiring focus, determination, a strong culture, communication, leadership, and a strong plan. Although uncomfortable at times, it is highly rewarding as it benefits shareholders, employees, customers, and key suppliers. Grow in a focused and intentional manner.

Family Business Matters

Transitions from one generation to another and/or another family member are unique business challenges. Nick has experience with several different cycles. An outside advisor can help manage and mentor through this transition.

Profitable Revenue Growth

The desire is to grow profitably… cost management, margin retention/improvement, cash management, operational efficiency, go-to-market approach, customer retention and growth, and the elimination of waste all need to be balanced.

Advisory Board Membership

Having served as President/CEO, Nick recognizes the value of a strong Advisory Board for oversight, consultation, and direction. Having served as an Advisory Board member for several organizations, Nick has experience providing the organizational leader the support they need.

Talent Management

Mentorship and coaching will help key members of the team grow and further develop to lead your desired organizational growth. It is always easier and rewarding to promote from within.

Strategic Planning

Develop a 3-5 year plan leveraging the assistance of an outside facilitator. Tie together the company’s Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, Strategies, and Action Plans to execute profitable growth.

Organizational Culture Management

As a values-based leader, Nick believes in and is committed to helping develop a company culture. Conscientiously cultivate your desired culture on stated organizational values to promote Teamwork, Alignment, Focus, and the Desired Results.

Product Development and Commercialization

Using a Stage Gate Product Development and Commercialization process will assist with organizational cross-functional collaboration, time to market, and proper return on investment.

Go-to-Market Strategies

Whether direct-to-consumer or through channel partners... Whether a direct sales force or manufacturers reps, Nick has experience developing go-to-market strategies than can help your business grow.
  • Brand positioning and marketing messaging.
  • Voice of the customer.
  • Channel partner development and management.
  • Sales force structure and management.